Peninsula Properties are West Cork based Estate Agents, Valuers & Auctioneers (realtors for any Americans reading this!) located in Kilcrohane, West Cork since 2004, specialising in property and house sales; holiday lets and property valuations in Kilcrohane, Ahakista, Durrus and Bantry along 'The Wild Atlantic Way' coastal drive on the Sheep's Head Peninsula in beautiful south west Cork, Ireland. We have an assortment of real estate including coastal properties with sea views and a wide range of property types from traditional Irish cottages to new builds and holiday developments. Not all properties are listed on our website, so if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us. (PSRA Licence No. 002651). Member IPAV.

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PENINSULA PROPERTIES has an intimate knowledge of its market, the Sheep's Head Peninsula in West Cork, and offers a market leading level of service.  We are committed to providing a personal, professional and confidential service from the initial contact through to completion of the transaction.  We are a specialised property services company and every client is important to us.  Because we are an independent property company specialising and concentrating in a specific geographic region - i.e. the villages of Ahakista, Durrus and Kilcrohane - we are very knowledgeable about that region. To quote a client ...   "Elaine knows the Sheep's Head Peninsula like her own backyard"



  • a good auctioneer/estate agent with a valid Property Services Provider's Licence - i.e. Elaine at Peninsula Properties!! (PSRA Licence No. 002651)
  • a current BER (Building Energy Rating) Certificate for the property - details on
  • a Certificate of Discharge or Exemption in respect of payment of the NPPR tax  (Non Principal Private Residence) - 2009 through 2013  - details on
  • a Certificate of Discharge or Exemption in respect of payment of the Household Charge 2012 - details on
  • proof of payment and a printout of the LPT (Local Property Tax) 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, 2020 and 2021 together with your property ID and PIN - details on -
  • proof of registration of your septic tank - details on
  • proof of the property's registration with Irish Water - details on
  • a Certificate of Planning/Building Compliance and Declaration of Identity for the property might be required - this can be provided by your surveyor/engineer
  • a Land Registry Compliant Folio Map
  • if the property you're selling is not your principal private residence, any net profit will be subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT) - the current rate of CGT in Ireland is 33% (ouch!!) details on

1.  Not be greedy - ask your estate agent what the ceiling price is for the property and don't go above it
2.  Clean up the house
3.  Declutter
4.  Depersonalise
5.  Find balance - if the whole house is faded and jaded, then doing up the bathroom alone won't add value - in fact, it will make the other rooms look even worse but do fix anything that needs fixing
6.  Do any DIY jobs - a scruffy house can knock 5,000 euro off its value 
7.  Shop now - a shiny new toaster, nice fluffy towels in the bathroom, a new bedspread ... these things will enhance the house. Big ticket items such as sofas and beds might get damaged in the move
8.  Keep your cool!  If you're desperate to sell, don't let on - not even to your estate agent (who will tell buyers .... now would I do that!!)  You don't want to be in a weak negotiating position
9.  Don't blow too much on a new kitchen - a new 40,000 euro kitchen doesn't automatically add 40,000 to the value of the house.  Layout and functionality are key.
10.  Play your percentages - big families like eat-in kitchens with patio doors to the garden - on average they can add about 10% to the average property's value


  • a good estate agent/auctioneer - i.e. Elaine at Peninsula Properties (!!!!)
  • approval of funding from a financial institution or cash
  • in addition to the purchase price, enough funds to cover stamp duty (1% of the purchase price for properties sold for less than €1,000,000 and 2% for properties above this figure and 7.5% on land and sites); solicitor's fees and costs; engineer's fees; moving costs
  • a PPS (Personal Public Service) number - your solicitor will get this for you if you don't already have one
  • an Irish bank account (to open a bank account you will need to show photo ID - either a passport or driver's licence and 2 original utility bills showing your name and permanent address)
  • a registered and qualified solicitor practising and based in Ireland

SO YOUR OFFER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED - WHAT NEXT?  The very, very abridged version ...

  • take note - 'Sale Agreed' or 'Under Offer' mean nothing from a legal point of view!
  • you appoint an Irish based solicitor 
  • you apply for a PPS number (assuming you don't already have one - your solicitor can do this for you)
  • you pay a booking/good faith deposit (usually 5% of the purchase price) to the estate agent (this deposit is fully refundable up to such time you sign the contract)
  • you appoint a local surveyor/engineer to carry out a pre-purchase survey for you - boundaries, planning history, compliance with building regulations, condition of the property, etc.
  • you  open a bank account with an Irish bank (assuming you don't already have one) - you will need to show the bank photo ID and two original copies of a utility bill showing your home address
  • you sign the contract and pay a deposit equal to 10% of the purchase price (less the amount of the booking deposit) - a legally binding agreement is now in place and you stand to lose this deposit if you decide not to proceed with the purchase
  • Take note that a buyer can be gazumped up until such time that the contracts are signed by both parties 
  • the seller signs the contract
  • you pay the 90% balance to your solicitor and there is now a fully executed contract
  • a completion date is set (usually 2 weeks from when you paid the balance)
  • you own the property
  • you get the keys to the property
  • you take possession/move in
  • you pop the champagne cork
  • you tell your friends to contact Peninsula Properties and speak to Elaine
  • you wonder why you didn't do this years ago
  • you live happily ever after in West Cork
  • The End


It typically takes anywhere from 10 to 12 weeks from acceptance of the offer to owning the property.  However, if there are mapping issues or planning problems, it can take much longer - that is why it is important for vendors to have everything in order before putting a property on the market.  However, if the vendor has everything in order and the purchaser has financing in place, a sale could be closed in about 8 weeks.